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    Pop-up Exhibitions and Spaces

    A pop-up space is a temporary activity in an underused space. There are many activities you can organise in a pop-up space. You could for example try to showcase a new business idea, organise an exhibition of your own art, start a social-entrepreneur project or make it a temporary community meeting place for selling or exchanging products such as a harvest festival.
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    Running a café

    For many people it seems an attractive idea to open and run one’s own café. However, it means more than serving coffee to your friends at home. You have to find out the needs of your guests, think about sustainable ideas concerning products and work processes, divide the tasks among your staff, draw up a budget, evaluate the risks, define priorities, reflect on failures and last but not least show resilience in times of heavy workload.
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    The Grocery Basket

    The Grocery Basket concept is aimed to promote a more sustainable agriculture by promoting short circuits between producers and consumers. Every week, baskets of different sizes made from local products (most of which are organic) are offered for sale. They are made of seasonal products which allows to offer the best price. In this way, consumers have a direct relationship with producers and support the local economy.
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    The Social Marketer

    The Social Media Marketer is a new professional profile that can optimize the interaction between small and medium enterprises and potential consumers boosting sales through a series of strategies: aesthetic product and establishment photographs, regular publications on social media and marketing campaigns aimed at targeted audiences.
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    E-Commerce: A Modern Approach to Entrepreneurship

    e-Commerce is a modern approach to sell products or services in an ever-increasing digital world. To do so, there are certain things that you need to consider first – finding a niche, choosing the right online solution, complying with legal and economic frameworks and reaching out to target audiences via the proper digital marketing tools.
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    Clean up the beach and preserve the coastal environment

    The project 'clean up the beach and preserve the coastal environment' is a summer activity that initiates its beneficiaries into the democratic functioning of a business. It is a project in which young people are mobilized to clean and preserve their environment and inform the populations using the beaches of their city.
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    Sustainable Tourism Initiatives

    Sustainable tourism is the new concept of tourism that pays a special attention to optimising the use of environmental resources, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity. Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserve their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values, and contribute to inter-cultural understanding and tolerance and ensure viable, long-term economic operations.
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    Pop Up Restaurant

    Mobile cuisine is creating a buzz across Europe, especially pop-up restaurants and pop-up gastronomy. These platforms are a type of restaurant which is not only for chefs to try out new things, but also for ‘non-professionals’ to offer food and beverages for a short term. These Pop ups allow chefs and entrepreneurs to try out new concepts, test new audiences, experiment with innovative cuisine or draw new investors without the expense of opening a traditional restaurant.
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    Basics of Social Entrepreneurship

    Our globalised societies are increasingly culturally and racially heterogeneous. The participation of migrant and refugee citizens in the host society is not balanced. Applying the social entrepreneurship approach to intercultural inclusion means contributing from the business world to the struggle for inclusion of migrant and refugee citizens in our communities. This social entrepreneurship idea offers unprecedented opportunities for collective development, while combating discrimination and racism by highlighting their culture, providing opportunities for cultural exchange between them and the host society, all while promoting their emancipation.
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    Intercultural inclusion through social entrepreneurship

    In modern societies, Social Entrepreneurship is commonly recognised as a form of entrepreneurship that focuses on the benefits (i.e., social, cultural, environmental) carried on and promoted by the organisation. In other words, a social entrepreneur “transforms” and processes his/her social capital in a way that generates positive outcomes for communities and society in general.