Photo by RBNRAW on Unspash
Photo by RBNRAW on Unspash

In a world where businesses are increasingly migrating online, pop-up shops offer a way to engage with your customers face-to-face, build relationships, and give your brand that all-important human element. In this Quest you will be provided with key tips on setting up your own space and you will have an opportunity to go through the process of setting one up!

Setting up a pop-up space/exhibition is a relatively low-cost way to test new products, boost your brand and, for businesses that don't have an offline presence, with this quest s you will get a taster of what it would be like to run an actual bricks and mortar store before making any commitment.


As an entrepreneur and as a good salesperson you need to find a place to show and display your wares! That can be expensive. How about looking around town for a disused space that you may get cheaper for a Pop-Up store?

Pop-up shops and spaces are a trendy and popular method that young entrepreneurs can use to kick-start their business. More and more entrepreneurs are using pop up spaces to expand their presence, drive sales and announce time-limited items. With so much to gain from investing in this short-term presence, planning the whole process is crucial.

You are tasked with:

• finding your own Pop-Up space

• establishing a Pop-Up store

• introducing or selling a product or service of your own making

• running the store for a week



Identify what you want to sell or promote. Look around your local area for unused or redundant spaces. After you’ve settled on your pop-up space, you’re one step closer to creating an experience that will benefit your product in many ways. But the truth is there’s a lot of planning that goes into a pop-up store/space. To ensure that you don’t pass over any critical details, we have put together a checklist of everything you need for a successful pop-up store/space.

Go to the resources section and find the document called ‘Process’ where we have included a checklist of tasks and ideas that you’ll need to do to start you off. Follow the checklist and it will guide through the development of your pop-up space. There are website links and videos that will help you with identifying the key steps required.




Pop-up spaces are a place for playful piloting, quick and dirty prototyping, fast failing, and, sometimes, soaring successes! But remember to: research your target geographical space; prepare to persuade your landlord to be amenable to pop up shops/space; surround yourself with helpful volunteers; be creative – and exciting – this will attract supporters; take advice from others with experience – with a mentor for the tough times and be flexible, and be resilient

Learning Outcomes

Competence Area 1: IDEAS & OPPORTUNITIES
  • 1.1) I can explain what makes an opportunity to create value.
  • 1.8) I can identify the basic functions that a prototype should have to illustrate the value of my idea.
Competence Area 2: RESOURCES
  • 2.10) I can experiment with different combinations of resources to turn my ideas into action.
Competence Area 3: INTO ACTION
  • 3.5) I can create an action plan which identifies the necessary steps to achieve my goals.