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Planning your pop up space is always a good way to spend your time, as the process of writing a plan should help you to understand why you’re doing the project and the benefits it will bring to you and other people. There are a number of key areas you need to focus on these are:

  • Making a Plan
  • Managing Risk
  • Budget Planning (Securing funding)
  • How to get a space
  • How to Plan your space


 Jacob Lund from Noun Project
Jacob Lund from Noun Project

As an entrepreneur you have an exciting idea/product(s) and want to test your idea/product(s) and decide you want to do it in a cost effective way by setting up pop up shop. You will need to plan and project manage the entire initiative from the idea stage to execution to completion.

Your task is to write down in a logical step by step approach an analysis of your concept followed by analysis of your basic needs. This includes what inspired your idea/product(s), what you want to achieve and the resources you will need to meet your expectations.


You will need to do some reading in order to complete the task. The first step would be to go to the Resources section and follow the link and look through the ‘Pop Up Shop Proposal for Nasty Gal’ website, this gives you an idea how to put together an entire pop up project idea together. The next two items for you to read are in the publication section and are titled ‘Pop up Shop Making a Plan’ and ‘Pop up Canvas Guide Book’.

If you read the Process document it will provide you with clear instructions on how to complete your task.



It is essential to understand what you have in mind when planning your pop up space. If you follow a step by step framework based on a project management model it will help you unpack and understand what you need to consider when working on your project; moreover it will also help you to have a clear vision. So you can carry out the project strategically and efficiently and hopefully be successful!

Learning Outcomes

Competence Area 1: IDEAS & OPPORTUNITIES
  • 1.1) I can explain what makes an opportunity to create value.
  • 1.10) I can develop (alone or with others) an inspiring vision for the future that involves others.
Competence Area 2: RESOURCES
  • 2.2) I can judge my strengths and weaknesses and those of others in relation to opportunities for creating value.
Competence Area 3: INTO ACTION
  • 3.3) I actively face challenges, solve problems and seize opportunities to create value.
  • 3.5) I can create an action plan which identifies the necessary steps to achieve my goals.
  • 3.13) I can combine different contributions to create value.