Photo by Jörg Peter on Pixabay
Photo by Jörg Peter on Pixabay

For centuries, cafés have been a perfect place to meet people, enjoy a coffee specialty, read the daily newspaper or just watch other guests and passers-by in the lively city centre. Many people love to offer coffee and small snacks to their friends - but how does this dream turn into a successful business idea?

In this quest, there are many suggestions and ideas that have to be considered for the choice of a location and an attractive offer! The location, interior design and product range should complement each other perfectly in order to make the café a long-term business success - but basic specialist knowledge and business knowhow are also required.


Image title (including copyright information)	Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay
Image title (including copyright information) Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Going from being an employee to being an entrepreneur - for many people the opening their own café is an initial key for this. Both women and men see an opportunity here, but only some of them have catering facilities available. This is why, in a first step the perfect place has to be found and secondly the product range is to be planned.

It is best to walk around in your city and look for empty shops or restaurants. Not every location is attractive, not every room is approved for running a café. A functional building from the 1970s, hipster furniture and cream cakes rich in calories? Not every combination will be feasible, the overall package for the customer must be consistent in order to become your café a success!

You have the task:

  • to find suitable premises in your region,
  • to match the furnishings and decoration appropriately,
  • to determine thematically appropriate product offers,
  • to run the café for a week.


Make your dreams come true with feasible ideas and a perfect business plan!

Go to “Resources” and find a document “Process” which is your guide in this section.

Follow the instructions and you will get inspiration and create your business plan. It is the essential document for any negotiations with banks, landlords or authorities. When continuing the module, you will always be able to align your activities and planning with this business plan.

There are interesting website links and videos in the module that offer you important suggestions and support you in the required planning.



Running a café might be a dream but the concrete set up requires hard physical work, long working days, technical skills in the food & beverage industry as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, management skills and business know-how. But remember to: research your location; prepare to persuade your landlord with your business concept; be creative and innovative in terms of creating and advertising your product, take advice from others such as the chambers or other restaurant owners, be flexible and be resilient also in busy times that you will often experience in the hospitality sector.

Learning Outcomes

Competence Area 1: IDEAS & OPPORTUNITIES
  • 1.3) I can explain that different groups may have different needs.
  • 1.10) I can develop (alone or with others) an inspiring vision for the future that involves others.
Competence Area 2: RESOURCES
  • 2.20) I can communicate imaginative design solutions.
Competence Area 3: INTO ACTION
  • 3.13) I can combine different contributions to create value.