Vlad Kutepov
Vlad Kutepov

Beaches are beautiful and almost every one under the sun will agree to this fact. They serve purposes from entertainment, commerce, transportation, and recreation, spiritual and for relaxation purposes. Beaches are long, vast lines with beautiful trees. There is plenty of opportunity and ambience required to start a business. The point with beaches is one has to be socially relevant and economically sound and aware to start a business near or on a beach. Also, beaches require one to have appropriate licensing requirements and being conformed to certain standards of quality, precision and duties.

Most people opting for vacations choose beaches for unwinding and spending time with family. This makes beaches one of those touristy places that have huge traffics and are characterised by seasons. The business opportunities are unique and also seasonal. This makes planning an extremely important facet of businesses by the beach.


Jonathan Chng
Jonathan Chng

Do you live in a Beach town? If yes then you might have seen a large number of tourists visiting your town regularly. A beach town basically has casinos, pubs, cafes and many more similar interesting businesses, which makes it comparatively better than normal towns in terms of business.

We all want to earn some money and there is no better place than a beach town to start our business and make money. Beaches are very popular among tourists thus they are frequently visited by them in large numbers. So, businesses in beach towns have a higher scope.

If you’re living in a beach town then there are plenty of business ideas to start your own business. Your task is to think about a business idea you are passionate about and start doing some research on how you could start it. But before you start your business, you should keep in mind that beaches are more active during summers. So, your business should be ready to deal with every condition.


Your task is to start thinking about a suitable business idea that you can start in or around a beach in a coastal town. There is a number of resources you should read to help you understand what you need to do in order to come up with a winning idea.

In the Resources section there are 2 documents you should read 1) Case Study - The Beach Group Plc 2) 10 Profitable Beach Business Ideas

In the Resources section in link there is a article titled "Lads have turned bottle tops into a Business" read this to find out how two young entrprenuers started their business from recycling bottle tops collected from beaches and turn these into garden furniture.

Two of the documents will provide you wth two very interesting case studies of local entrprenuers starting their beach business from zero and have made a big success, you can read what factors helped them. The 10 Profitable Beach Ideas is a really good list of ideas that will help you explore different sectors and you can see which idea fits in with your skills, interest and also the initial capital you may need to set up your beach business.



So in this quest we explored several business ideas that you can put into use and earn a good amount of money for yourself. A business doesn’t grow or become a successful one within aday or a week. but it takes a lot of time to become successful.

While establishing a business you need to keep calm and do your work, slowly and steadily your business will grow. You need to provide the best services while keeping your rates competitive to achieve success faster. But don’t lose up on the quality while keeping the rates competitive/low.

Learning Outcomes

Competence Area 1: IDEAS & OPPORTUNITIES
  • 1.9) I can tell the difference between types of innovations (for example, process versus product innovation and social innovation, incremental versus disruptive innovation).
  • 1.15) I can apply ethical thinking to consumption and production processes.
  • 1.17) I can identify the impact that taking up opportunities will have on me and my team, on the target group and on the surrounding community.
Competence Area 2: RESOURCES
  • 2.1) I can commit to fulfilling my needs, wants, interests and goals.
  • 2.11) I can discuss the principles of circular economy and resource efficiency.
Competence Area 3: INTO ACTION
  • 3.3) I actively face challenges, solve problems and seize opportunities to create value.
  • 3.5) I can create an action plan which identifies the necessary steps to achieve my goals.