Be careful about tax requirements for your activity and develop an effective Communication Plan
Be careful about tax requirements for your activity and develop an effective Communication Plan

Be careful about tax requirements for your activity and develop an effective Communication Plan

It’s important to be aware of the main accountancy and tax obligations you need to fulfil to meet the tax requirements for your activities, as well as to develop an effective Communication Plan to reach out your potential customers

Key aspects are:

  • Trust yourself and your idea
  • Be your first consultant
  • Follow tax requirements and obligations
  • Keep your accountancy with precision
  • Design the best communication strategy


Make plans and keep your accountancy under control
Make plans and keep your accountancy under control

In regard to regulatory framework and communication, these set of activities represents the very essentials of performing businesses.

About the first, you are requested to: 

  • Familiarize yourself with the very basics of accounting: in relation to your specific initiative, try to prepare a draft of budget, consider all potential costs and revenues and compare them to evaluate the margins of profit. 

About the latter, you are requested to:

  • Map all the potential “Group of Interest” for your initiative (so called “stakeholders”). Online communities, travel bloggers and influencers, sector magazines as well as local administration represent all potential Group of Interest
  • Define an online presence strategy and gather inputs from established Sustainable Tourism-related initiatives: take note from them of the most trending hashtags (i.e. #sustainability, #tourism, #travellers, etc.), the timing they rely on for posting and the general tone of captions.


Start by calculating your initial budget and proceed to distribute the available amount to cover your initial expenses. During the first cycle of your business, the very first expenses are related to two categories of costs: advertising and legal fees. 

Budgeting comes also with a simple calculation of the revenues that you expect from your activity. To do so, you need to set a price for your services that might range on the basis of few factors: 

  • The price fixed by other tourism providers in your area (you want to make sure that your price is competitive and advantageous for your clients)
  • The amount that guarantees you the coverage of expenses

When it comes to advertising, consider that the more you invest the better will be your visibility. Split the budget available for advertising in two parts: 60/70% will go for inline advertising; the remaining will go for offline advertising. 

By online communication, consider the following as potential public engagement strategies: setting-up and Instagram profile and exploiting the visibility opportunities offered by Google Ads. Bare always in mind that your target is expecting something very specific from you, which is the value of sustainability: arrange your online message accordingly, mainstreaming and highlight the way you are complying with “green” principles.  

By offline communication, there are two ways in which you might be able to disseminate your offer: post a flyer on strategic “focal points” of your territory (for instance, bus / train stations) in which you expect to intercept your potential clients; advertise on regional newspapers with short and “catchy” description of your initiative. 

These are just suggestions, feel free to extend the range of communication channels that are more suitable for your needs. 

Keep in mind that budgeting and communication go hand-to-hand since advertising will represent your main cost category. Communication and advertising will not generate any direct revenue, but they represent necessary investments to create public awareness of your service. 

Do not ever forget who your targets are, in many cases people who share same passions and interest – in this case, sustainability and Sustainable Tourism – engage each other’s in online communities (i.e. Facebook pages). Try to scout on the internet for this sort of groups which for you a unique resource for two different reasons:

  • It is an opportunity for free advertising 
  • It is an opportunity for a very in-depth market research at 0 cost



One of the most important issues when running a business is the analysis of the Law and the awareness of the fiscal aspects, so as to comply with them.

The Law does not tolerate unfair behaviour and the entrepreneur shall always respect the Law.

On the other hand, Marketing and Communication represents a vital function for the business, because ensuring high visibility and reaching potential customers with effective messages/advertising are the fuel of every business.


Learning Outcomes

Competence Area 1: IDEAS & OPPORTUNITIES
    Competence Area 2: RESOURCES
    • 2.1) I can commit to fulfilling my needs, wants, interests and goals.
    • 2.17) I can estimate the main accountancy and tax obligations I need to fulfil to meet the tax requirements for my activities.
    • 2.20) I can communicate imaginative design solutions.
    Competence Area 3: INTO ACTION